Cracked heels will only be a bad memory with this home remedy

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Cracked heels represent a real discomfort for some people. Indeed, wearing sandals will become simply impossible. What you should know is that this problem is not necessarily due to negligence, but also to certain particular situations that affect a handful of people. Here’s how to treat this foot skin problem.

Cracked heels will only be a bad memory with this home remedy

With potato and lemon paste, you can treat and relieve heel cracking. You will need :

1 medium-sized potato
1 lemon
A bowl
A grater
Coarse salt
1 tablespoon of toothpaste
A cheesecloth or a colander
A towel
How to proceed?
To make your dough, follow these steps :

Grate the potatoes using a coarse grater ;
Put everything in a bowl ;
Use a colander or cheesecloth to filter the grated potato juice ;
Place the chosen filtration system on another bowl and pour the potato juice into it ;

Squeeze with your hands to release the potato juice ;
Cut out the lemon and squeeze to get the juice ;
Transfer the juice to the bowl containing the potato juice ;
Add a little coarse salt ;
Mix well ;

Follow with a spoonful of toothpaste and mix to obtain a product with a smooth consistency ;
Line the paste on the heel and take the opportunity to make circular gestures as a massage ;
Do this for a few minutes ;
Using a pumice stone, you will sand to remove the dry skin at a first level ;
Wait for 20 minutes ;

Rinse the feet with warm water ;
Use a towel to dry the feet ;
Put a layer of moisturizing foot cream to optimize the softening effect ;
Do the treatment for two to three times a week.
In the case of a severely cracked foot, you should consult a doctor, as the problem is much more serious.

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