Difficult chellenge for people with high IQ. Can you Spot the only difference between two pictures?

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Brain teasers, having a great phenomena, entertain us by playing tricks on our eyesight perception.

These mind-boosting pictures and patterns consistently make our brains work harder, prompting unconventional interpretations of what we look at attentively.

Questions about reality, depth, and perspective arise as we endeavor to make sense of the visual stimuli before us.

Diverse in form, brain teasers range from impossible objects defying geometric laws to ambiguous images open to multiple interpretations.

Can you spot differences in the colourful  pictures within a 12-second time frame? Try checking your observational skills and see if you can tell the distinctions.

If you had difficulty in finding the answer here is the answer. Try other chellenging optical illusions in our page as they enhance your brain work.

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