Visual challenge: Only 1% of people find the 7 differences between these scenes to overcome the challenge

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Do you like doing visual challenges from time to time to train your brain?

These types of viral challenges are perfect to disconnect for a moment from what you are doing, take a break from work, or enjoy a nice time with friends.

This exercise may seem easy at first glance. Who has never played find the differences?

The image below shows two apparently identical scenes in which a hen appears watching her chick hatch. If you look closely at both images you will realize that they are not as accurate as you initially believed.

Your objective is to find the differences between them. To make the following visual challenge a little more complicated, you will have to solve it in 20 seconds. So, take a deep breath, and let’s play. This is the image in question that you should look at carefully.

You give up? Do you feel like your brain is going to explode if you keep searching? So there goes the solution to this visual challenge.

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