Find the 7 differences with The Simpsons in 17 seconds

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For all of you, we suggest you spend the first day of the week playing with us to find the differences in the two images that we show you below.

It never hurts to remember that you can share it as many times as you want through social networks and challenge more people to participate. Once you find the differences, you can share your answer in the comments below this article or in any of our pages.

Find the 7 differences:These two images from The Simpsons look the same but there are 7 key points where they differ. Could you guess which ones?

You have until Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. to find the 7. Who will be the fastest gunman in Disconnect? Good luck and encourage yourself to participate!

The deadline has been met to try to guess where the 7 key points where these two images from ‘The Simpsons’ differ are located. Have you been right?

The 7 differences are found in:

– The door knocker

The hedge on the left

– The grass next to Lisa

– The window on Marge’s bun

– The bricks of the wall

– Homer’s ear

– The tree behind the roof of the house

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