If you are a GENIUS you will overcome this EXTREME challenge: Do you see the 5 differences between rats?


The time to clear your mind and break the routine came thanks to this fun visual challenge that you will see in this note. Are you ready?

Let’s hope so, because you’re about to face one of the best social media challenges.

We present you a viral test that consists of finding the 5 differences between two images in which you will see a cute mouse eating its cheese.

Remember that you are against the clock, since you will only have 7 seconds. Let’s start now.

Will you be able to find the 5 differences?Check the solution to today’s challenge
Below we share the answer to this mental challenge, so you can check if you were close or far from being classified as the best of all.

Don’t forget to visit the website, where you will find the best social media challenges. Remember that the more mental exercises you do, the better it will be for you.

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