Optical Illusion Spot-the-Difference Challenge: Assess your abilities and identify Popeye’s 5 distinctions in the image within a 15-second time frame

You will have to observe the image so that you can find the objective that we are asking of you, which is, locate the 5 differences in the shortest time possible.

To do this, what you will have to do is put a lot of concentration, since only then will you be able to solve this visual challenge that has become a trend on social networks where users have pointed out that it is not easy at all.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that for this visual challenge we are only going to give you 10 seconds so that you can locate the differences in the photograph. Shall we start the challenge?

Full image of the visual challenge.Next, we will leave you with the illustration of Popeye the Sailor that you will have to look at very carefully.

Remember that there are 5 differences that exist and you will have to find them in record time.

It is worth mentioning that because it is a visual challenge, the time we have given you may work against you, which is why you have to hurry to find the solution.

Response to the visual challenge.Did you manage to achieve the objective we asked of you?

If you haven’t achieved it, don’t worry, we will leave you the correct answer. You just have to look at the following image and you will know where the differences were.

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