Visual challenge: Can you detect the 5 inequalities? 99% failed in the attempt

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The time has come for you to bring out the best of your mental abilities so that in just a few seconds you can pass the mental test that I leave you below. Do you dare to pass the trend challenge on social networks?

Find the 5 inequalities of the visual challenge.Do you already want to face mental exercise?

In that case, let’s not waste any more time and solve the mental exercise.

Do you think we exaggerate? You just have to dare to solve this viral challenge to discover it. Be careful, only 1% of people who did it were successful on the first try.

Solution to the visual challenge
You gave up? Don’t worry, we knew it was going to be complicated on the first try.

For this reason, we leave you the answers that we enclose in red and purple circles.

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