You have better eyesight than 98% of people if you can spot the Only difference in th picture of the girl carrying groceries within 3 seconds!

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The image above depicts two identical pictures where you can see a girl carrying groceries in her arms.

Although the two images are nearly identical, there is one difference between the two. Can you find it in 3 seconds?

There is one difference in the girl carrying groceries picture. Can you spot it within the given time? Test your eyesight.

Completing a spot the difference game successfully will help you enhance your memory and visual perception, as well as your ability to concentrate.

Time’s up. Were you able to spot all of the difference in 3 seconds? Congratulations to those who were able to identify the differences between the two pictures in the allotted time.

If you couldn’t identify the differences, don’t worry because we’re about to give you the solution to this spot the difference puzzle.

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