Only 1 % of people can find all the 6 differences in the image of turtles in 11 seconds


With the above, you will be presented with a new challenge to entertain yourself. Today’s dynamic is simple, as you will be shown two images – apparently identical.

At first glance, it seems that there would be no difference, but you are wrong because there are dissimilarities that are difficult to notice.

In that sense, your goal will be to detect where these inequalities are found in just 7 seconds. It won’t be easy to complete the test in the given time, but we trust your mental abilities. Are you ready? Time runs out!

The differences are located in…How did it go? Was it very easy for you? If yes, we are surprised by your outstanding visual ability to successfully solve this complicated challenge.

If you failed, don’t worry, we will reveal the answer in the next line.SOLUTION: The inequalities are found.

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