Only PRIVILEGED MINDS pass the test in 15 seconds: what are the 10 inequalities?

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Are you passionate about visual challenges? If so, then you must test your mental abilities in this new mental exercise, brought to you with the aim of achieving victory.

However, it will not be easy to achieve victory because there are few people who were successful in developing this test. Do you feel like you are prepared? Don’t think twice and show your skills.

Ready? In case you want extra help, you can call a family member or friend to have a fun time. Now, both look carefully at the image.

Analyze this visual challenge and find the differences in a matter of seconds.
Surely, both of you will have realized that there are certain details that don’t add up.

For this reason, the MISSION you have for TODAY is to find the differences in total that exist in mental exercise. Although, they will have to be quick because they have a time limit of 11 seconds.

Solution to the visual challenge
If you had problems, don’t be discouraged and keep trying. At our page, we are sure that next time they will be better prepared. Meanwhile, we share with you the answers that we mark in red circles.

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