Show your visual acuity to discover the 10 differences in this visual challenge. I remind you that you only have 35 seconds

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Spot the Difference” visual challenges are an exciting way to challenge participants to discern subtleties between two nearly identical images.

Congratulations if you have found the 10 differences between the images of the pirate boy in 35 seconds.

It was a difficult challenge, but you have overcome it thanks to your visual acuity and ingenuity. The answers to the visual challenge are shown in the image.

The purpose of the optical illusion is that I present to you today lies in identifying all the small variations, modifications or discrepancies between two images, where the protagonists are two pirates.

These differences can include alterations in objects, patterns, colors, shapes or even background details.

The solution of the optical illusion
1.Laces by the sun lounger
2. Button on the jacket pocket
3. Bowler
4. Shovel
5. Rope
6. The lounger is folded differently
7. Belt
8. Clock
9. Shoe laces
10. Soil color

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