Identify the differences in the scene of a boy lying on the grass? You have 5 seconds to solve the VISUAL CHALLENGE

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If you are willing to beat it on the first try, we tell you that it will not be easy at all.

Because it presents a high degree of difficulty, only a small group was crowned CHAMPION of the viral problem.

Identify the  differences of the visual challenge.Do you feel capable of setting a record?

Well, follow our instructions to the letter and put your maximum concentration. Therefore, analyze the image starring a boy, who is happy about his life lying on the grass.

Surely, you may have noticed that there are some inequalities. Your MISSION will be to identify the differences in total that exist in the mental exercise, although we recommend that you be quick. Unfortunately, you have a time limit of 5 seconds that you cannot exceed.

Solution to the visual challenge
You did? Then, you deserve our congratulations. If the opposite has happened, do not be discouraged because you will have another opportunity to vindicate yourself. Meanwhile, here we share the answers that we enclosed in red circles.

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