How many difference between two pictures can you spot?

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Visual challenges for adults and children have become a necessity for society. In addition to exercising our memory, it also helps us have a good time with our loved ones.

Do you want to know what your level of observation is? Solve the new online exercise in record time.

In order to overcome this new mental puzzle you have to be very focused.Who I am? If you have a HIGH IQ you can overcome this DIFFICULT PUZZLE.

For this opportunity, we bring you a test where you must find the differences between the images of an illustration.

That extreme visual challenges can’t be united? They are wrong. Below, we tell you what the rules are and our tips so you can solve it in a matter of seconds.

Find out where the differences are
As we told you, today you will have to activate all your senses and only then will you be able to win.

Of course, it is important that you know the rules of the game. Which are? We tell you that you will only have 14 seconds to find all the inequalities.


The colour of the bow of  the hat, the colour of the bag, the  colour of the hairpin, the umbrella on the cocktail,  the bottle, the braclet, the button on the umbrella, the colour of the stripe on the swimming trunks, the hand of the man.

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