Discover 3 distinctions in the scene of a favorite cartoon

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You will have to look at every detail and try to solve this mental puzzle.

We trust that your cognitive abilities did not disappoint us, which is why we entrust you with this difficult task that you must complete in 5 seconds.

Do you consider achieving it? Let us begin.
We hope you had fun and no matter what happens, don’t be discouraged, as we will soon bring you other challenges so you can continue training your abilities. We believe in you.

Find the differences in the ‘height’ visual challenge.The world of Disney has arrived in the form of an extreme challenge alongside the boys from ‘Up.

A tall adventure’, who try to find the differences between both postcards where they posed together.

Meanwhile, here we leave you the answers that we enclosed in red circles: the door had a handle, the hat that Boo wears shows the company symbol and Mike has a horn.

Solution. The sign on the hat of the girl  the knob is missing, the qorn of the green one eyed hero.

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