Find 6 differences with a 16 seconds in the two identical images

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In this new visual exercise you will be able to observe two monkeys putting together a nice snowman, but there are some differences that only people with privileged eyesight have managed to capture.

Do you dare to participate? Remember that you must remain 100% concentrated during the test.

Visual challenge: Find the differences
Next, try to find the differences in a time limit of 7 seconds, only then will you prove that you are a true GENIUS.

Are you ready? If your answer is positive, we wish you good luck so that you do not fail on the first attempt like thousands of people in the last few hours.

If you cannot find all the differences, your friends will present you with the resolved image so that you can continue your life normally or challenge your friends in a shorter time to demonstrate each of their skills in a matter of seconds.

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