Only 7 percent of people can find 7 differences in 17 seconds

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We are more than sure that you have the necessary skills to overcome this online challenge, however, keep some recommendations in mind: concentrate as much as possible to avoid getting distracted, calculate your time, but most importantly, have as much fun as possible.

Challenge your mind and overcome this visual challenge. Below we will share an image in which you will see two buffaloes, do not get carried away by their cute appearance, as it contains today’s complicated mission: find the differences in just 5 seconds. Come on, you can prove that you are the best.

How did it go? If you managed to find all the inequalities of this mental exercise, then we congratulate you because today you were able to bring out the best in yourself, but if you have doubts, don’t worry, we will share the answer with you below.

Check what the differences were
Now we show you the solved image so you can check your solution.

Keep in mind that the more visual challenges you develop, the better it will be for you, since you will enhance your mind and abilities.


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