Shiba Inu gets stuck in a bush, but keeps on smiling with a cute look like nothing happened


When we get into trouble we try to look it from a poaitive point of view. The cute dog named Shiba Inu is a very positive dog who reacts very cute when he gets into a trouble.

The cuteness does not stop smiling even in a difficult situation. The dog stuck in the bust still goes on smiling as if nothing happened.

The dog really likes to enjky every second in his life. The dog has a brave face and smiles to his fate. The dog does not even think of being discouraged.

A twitter user posted the photos of the sweet dog and shared the photos in social media. The photos went viral and melted hearts. The dog takes a nice and sweet memory.

It is really true we can learnt anything positve from each experience. Each picture is saying something cute and this is obvious from face expression.

It is as if the dog think yeah everything is good. Just a lovely day. One picture shows as if the dog says smile to himself. This dog is just positivness.

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