Challenge only for GIFTED: locate the 6 inequalities between the images in 16 seconds

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The visual exercise has a very high level of complexity, which is why we recommend that you stay away from any distractions. Only in this way will you be able to locate all the inequalities.

You will have a time limit to complete this test. The best thing you can do is try even if you think you won’t succeed. Now, let’s get started.

Today’s mission seems impossible, but if you have excellent eyesight, you will be able to identify all the inequalities that exist between the two the visual test.

We recommend that you calculate your time very well, because you only have q5 seconds to win.

Don’t forget to share this visual activity on your social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Remember that such online tests are designed to help participants to hide boredom at any time of the day. Today’s task wasn’t that difficult!

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