Demonstrate your visual level and find the 3 differences: Can you do it in 7 seconds?

As mentioned above, only a minority equivalent to 2% was able to find what is being requested. Don’t hesitate to test your abilities and show that you will overcome the complexity of this visual test.

Do you accept the challenge? Then, you will only have a maximum of 7 seconds to obtain the victory. Concentrate as much as possible and analyze every detail of this visual exercise. Good luck!

Know the solution to this visual test!
Were you able to detect the dissimilarities?

If you achieve this, you demonstrate that your visual ability is in optimal condition; But if your time is up or you’re still searching, you have to keep practicing.

SOLUTION: The inequalities are located in the design of the beret that the girl has, in the size of the green color that is on the color palette and in the mountain that has been painted in the painting. For greater detail, we will show you the image.


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