Can you find the 7 differences in the image of cowboy ? You have 25 seconds to overcome this challenge

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How skilled are you at solving extreme visual challenges or puzzles? Show all your skill by solving the mystery behind an enigmatic image.

For this level you will have to give all your dexterity and visual agility. Attention to details.

In the following image that went viral on social networks you can see a group of children fishing from a bridge, but there are a number of differences that you will have to find.

Does it seem simple to you? It is necessary to mention that only 1 in 5 people managed to overcome this image, so we recommend that you observe every detail and avoid distractions.

Visual challenge: full image
To be more exact, you must find the 10 differences within a time limit of 25 seconds, so you can show that you are the best at this type of challenges or visual puzzles.

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