Find 11 differences in the messy family image in 17 seconds

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We know that the dynamics of mental exercises about finding the differences between images is one of your favorite pastimes, so here we bring you a surprise.

Sharpen your senses and find ALL the inequalities in just 13 seconds. We believe in your talent. Let us begin!

Locate the differences in the images
The time has come to show if you are capable of solving the world’s most difficult visual challenges.

In the lines below you will be able to see two images and you will have to locate which characteristics they do not share.

At first glance they may seem like a simple enigma to solve, but the truth is that it will take you a few seconds.

If you missed finding a difference or simply want to know if your answers were correct, find out below.Know the answer to the visual test.Time ran out. Are you ready to compare with us?

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