Only 10 percent of people can find 10 distinctions in 10 seconds

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A new visual challenge is present on social networks, and the protagonist, this time, is a peculiar pair of comic images, in which you must find the four differences.

Do you think you can overcome this challenge as quickly as possible?

At first glance it seems like an easy exercise to solve, but it requires not only visual skill, but also sophisticated logical reasoning, since the comparison between both images is very similar.

Did you manage to solve this exercise? More than 90% of Internet users who have tried to solve it have not managed to do so in the indicated time.

So don’t feel bad if you didn’t find all four differences. You find the solution below.

Time limit to overcome the challenge is 7 seconds. Do you think you can overcome it in less than that time? Open your eyes wide and find the four differences between the images

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