At 80 years old, she heard her new little dog crying around 6:30 p.m., prompting her to step outside to investigate what had occurred…

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An 80-year-old woman from Lennox Head, Australia, became a hero when she saved her puppy from a carpet python.

Hearing her dog’s distress, she hurried to find the python coiled around her pet. Despite getting bitten three times by the snake, she managed to free her puppy.

Her daughter shared the remarkable story online, praising her mother as “amazing.” A photo showed her examining her bitten arm while holding the snake by its tail.

Australians lauded her bravery and resilience, affectionately dubbing her a “legend” and a “fighter.”

Despite well-meaning advice to seek medical attention for the snake bites, the woman, fueled by her deep love for her puppy, decided against going to the hospital

Although wildlife guidelines caution against interacting with wild snakes and handling them without permission, carpet pythons are known for their potent bites.

Experts recognized the urgency of the situation and commended the woman’s courage, acknowledging that her actions stemmed from her dedication to rescuing her beloved pet.

Despite technically violating wildlife guidelines, the woman’s tough choice earned recognition from a snake specialist who admired her determination.

Even with potential risks, her priority remained the safety of her cherished puppy.

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