PHOTO. Let’s discover why Pit bulls smile


Many think that Pit bulls are very aggresive dogs. On the other hand they are thought to be friendly and lovely A Pit bull which was very cute. He has a cutest smile and he uses it.

His name is Shortcake. He is very lively, wonderful and the sweetest. The smile of Pit bull is a sign of lack of aggression and being in a light and relaxed mood.

He is a cute pie and has a charming smile and face. When seeing this puppy one can helping admiring and adoring him. This fascinating dog is saved dog from Caloforia, Fresno.

It was a rescued pit bull. The dog pit bull is attractive and his face curls into a smile. The smile make her face desirable and tempting. He created his fame through his smile.

Five years ago the owners of Shortcake told that pit bull Shortcake was adopted from California Fresno Bully Rescue centre. His charming smile and face is a key to her success and fame. He became very popular through time. Nowadays everybody enjoys this cute face. When Pit bulls smile they wag their tails.

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