A heart melting story about a friendship between a boy and a dog


It is a true and touching story about a  fiendship between  a dog and a boy.

You will understand  that they can form an uncompareable bond and become close friends, if you bring up your children with the friendship of  dogs and cats.

It  is an experience for a child to have a pet . It develops  and helps your children. It arises respect, understanding and kindness towards both mankind and animals.

Children can learn to take responsibility for human  beings  and maintenance.

Here is a story to prove this a pet and a child bond. The heartwarming friendship between the 6-year-old  child named Buddy and his close and favourite friend  labradoodle called Reagan.

Their friendship is so strong and wonderful.The touching, true story of Reagan and Little Buddy needed to be told.

The parents  adopted Reagan when she was an 8-week puppy. It was a way to help their daughter go along with the pain after having to give up her first two foster children.

He was 11 months old, and now he has been with their daughter and Reagan the dog for nearly five years.  He has given so much joy to our lives, and to the lives of many other people. They  take a bath, enjoy coffee  or playing on swings together. They almost everything do together.

They now have over 500,000 fans on social media keeping up with their wonderful videos and photos. Kisses are sweet, cancer is not.

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