An amazing story how the rabbit could save and protect the three puppies


A  story occured in Omsk region recently. It is hard to believe this story. A simple rabbit became a real guardian angel for some puppies. It  protected them and rescued them from death and cold.





A rabbit  which escaped from a farm, its owner looked for it everywhere, but couldn’t find it in any way. He made a decision that the rabbit can live on its own. It could dug a hole for itself near the house of local resident. It could also settle down there.

One day an enormous light dog climbed into the hole. Margarita was the resident next to whose house the rabbit inhabited. She made a decision  that the rabbit was nearly  to be killed. But the result  really surprised her.

It became obvious that the  dog also lived in this hole with the rabbit. Three puppies were living with the rabbit. Their mother died. A man hit a bullet on the mother of the dog. After that the puppies were left alone. The rabbit started to  care of the puppies and to look after them.


The rabbit allowed Margarita  to come and feed the puppies. The rabbit didn’ t take its eyes from them, it gazed in order that something bad didn’t happen. It drew away hostile cats from the puppies and it protected them. This rabbit licked the kids. It didn’t want that the puppies  run around dirty. Its taking care and concerns about the puppies was really touching.

It’s difficult to say what could have happened to the puppies, if the rabbit  didn’t help and look after the puppies. The rabbit was a guardian for the puppies. It protected the puppies from  frosts and cold. The rabbit looked after these puppies and helped them as devoted and careful as if they were its own children. Due to its support  and care the puppies survived after losing their mother. This story is an example of kindness and warmth. Giving a hand of help the rabbit saved these three puppies lives. It is worth sharing this story in order kindness spreads all over the world.

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