PHOTO. How a male horse reacts when he sees his companion whom he hadn’t seen for many years


Wild horse meets with his girlfriend after being apart  for a few years. Love is the greatest power in the world. It can  reunite any being all the world, even after  being separated for years .

Not the only humans but also animals  make lifelong friends.  A touching and  heartwarming combination of two wild horses makes everybody’s hurt melt  in the world.

Due to a horse sanctuary, specialized in wild horses rescue. It all began to mix from a romantic photo. The snap, initially shared by the American Wild Horse Campaign shows Phoenix, a majestic mustang while jumping off a catch pen.

However, once he was free, the animal returned to take care of his lifelong mate Ghost, who was still captive inside.

Clare Staples, CEO of Skydog Sanctuary said that wild horses share unbelievable family bonds. As people  they usually choose their friend for life.

Clare was had a purpose to save Phoenix and actually to bring together him with his girlfriend. But it was a difficult task.

Clare wrote that they tried to adopt the whole family but were refused.  But they let us know that both Phoenix and his female companion will eventually be released back to the wild which we were happy about.

Every time Clare went to visit Phoenix, she noticed Ghost wasn’t there. So she adopted she got adopted.

A year after she learned about Phoenix situation, Clare found out that he and the other horses as well will no longer be released back in the wild.

So she applied for Phoenix adoption straight away. “I’ve done it because I wanted to give him back the freedom he so desperately wanted the day of his capture.” She eventually had a success, but seeing Phoenix so  hopeless and sad,  Clare gave a promise to mix him with his girlfriend.

A kind woman wrote that they were so happy  and glad that  Ghost had returned with her family. They can and live their lives together from this time.They went through many difficulties and challenges.

All the wild horses are taken care of with respect and kindness. The horses live in peace. The horses that are  left alone. They give  love and compassion to other animals . The love that they did not  experience.

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