Open your eyes! You have 18 seconds to find the difference between the image of the mermaid


Ready for a new visual challenge? Although there are different themes, this time brings a viral challenge for all optical illusion fans.

Although we trust in your abilities, we warn you that there are very few people who were successful on the first attempt.

The time has come for you to prove that you are a true Pokémon master. You have 18 seconds to solve it and confirm that your skills are superior.

Get away from distractions and start now.Time is over! If you already have an answer, confirm it in the following lines. In case you haven’t achieved it yet, don’t worry! We give you 3 additional seconds. Can!

Solution to the visual challenge
Before verifying where the different detail was, we invite you to solve other exercises available on our website.

That said, we tell you that the difference was very well hidden, so don’t be discouraged if you didn’t find it.

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