A kind story about an unsheltered man who gives food to homeless cats beside him


Loong Dum is a homeless man. He has a difficult life. He lived at the train station. He is from Thailand. He looks after and gives love to unsheltered cats as well as he feeds them. He does not have children but he is very responsible and caring.

In the street he works as a seller  of lime. He buys food for the unsheltered cats. Frequently, he even stays hungry and gives his own food to the homeless cats. He always prefers to take care and feed his lovely cats. These homeless cats are his family and they trust him.

He even mentioned that he can stay hungry and skip from eating but the cats can’t live without eating.

Loong Dum has virus a woman whose name is Warunya Wattanasupachoke, saw this man selling limes with a note written “20 baht a bag, the money  will be paid for unsheltered cat’s food costs.”

When the story of this man spread all over the media and people admire this man’s kindness and want to support him. Even animal lovers bought not only lime but also gave the man cat food.

Some people even took the man to cut his hair and even bought clothes for him. Even when he was good dressed and had a nice appearance, he continued to sell limes as his life did not have meaning without his cats whom he loved and considered his family.

Warunya said that people must not be judged by   their appearance as in this case of Loong Dum. Although he looks unsheltered and   tough man but he has a kind and enormous heart.

Loong Dum has motivated a lot of people all over the world. He spreads love and care, supporting those people and unsheltered animals who need help.

Please share this touching and exciting  story with everyone to show  that humanity still exists and people can show this in various ways.


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