A heroic act: The courageous rescue story ever: The brave and kind led saves the drowning deer


People always believe that the world turns around them. But we should not always forget that people share the same world with animals.
The animals are dominant, too. We should appreciate, care about them and look after them.

On one occasion a lad noticed a deer drowning in the water. When the young boy noticed the view the boy did not pause to think and went rapidly in the speedy waters of the river to rescue the life of the deer.

The boy took the deer in his arms above so that the drowning deer will be saved. At this paricular time a lot of deers drown as it was very rainy period in Noakhali.

Many people rescue the life of the deers as it has become usual for the people save the lives of drowning deers in the water.The led was very brave and he did not just think of anything but rescueing the drowning deer.

Fortunately,the deer had a luck to meet this courageous man on the way.The young boy’s parents would certainly be happy and proud and glad to have the son.

This story attracts everybody’s attention because he was in the proper time at the proper place. He is brave and due to God the deer is alive.He acted in a heroic way reacueing the life of the deer.

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