True friends until the last breath in their life. A heartbreaking story about a police officer and a faithful horse who lived the last moments in his life


It was a usual working day at the police office for the officer and his faithful friend which was a horse. But unfortunately, a horrible accident damaged the horse.

The poor horse died because of this accident ha was on the ground and just surviving and enjoying his final moments in life.

The view of the horse and his friend officer lying on the ground was so heartwarming and touched. The police officer just supported the poor and already dead horse.

The two friends both the horse and the policeman walked together and immediately came to the place where something horrible occured. The horse was smashed by a car accidently. It was very late to save the smart creature.

He was taking last breaths as he was badly injured and his legs were smashed. The policeman named Herrejon was not able to see this scene.

He lay in front of the cute creature and passed the last moments of the horse with him. The horse was named Charlotte. He just hugged him and made a cosiness for him. They were tightly connected. This scene was very emotional and true example of devotion.

The horse worked in this Houston Police Department for already 4 years. He was in his duty when the terrible case occured. All the staff members will miss this cute and smart horse.

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