Video. A touching story about a cat which says a farewell to his close friend, who died because of cancer


The loss of a person who is close to you is very difficult. There is not anything that a person can do to return back the lose of a person. Despite that you do not want to you have to say a farewell.

In this story a cat named Big Boy had a loss of her close friend cat Chuey. The cat  Chuey suffered from cancer for a long period of time. They shared together the room. They lived together under one roof.

They sometimes were in a good relationship. There were misunderstanding between them. There were also many disagreements and quarrels, but though it may seem strange they were justly best friends.

They were close friends and there was nothing they did not do with each other.

When the cat Chuey passed away, the owners of the cat gave a permission that the cat Big Boy to farewell to her friend. The owners  bundled up the cat Chuey in a worn out cover and then gave a permission to the cat Big Boy into the room so she could meet her old close friend  last time.

We nearly didn’t want to download this on social media, but we have to  resist  the heartbreaking and touching reality that a lot of cats experience  every time their close friend passes away.

This upsetting and sad video is proof that animals have sincere and frank love and care. Cats are such astonishing  and loving creatures, you can not  withstand your tears.

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Here is the video:

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