A cat which is called “Miracle cat” has recovered after being hit badly in the bus accident. Luckily he has a new friendly and caring family


A good looking young cat has earned the worth  title  “miracle cat” after being cured evidently. The cat’s name is Trudie. He  was badly hit by a bus and had significant  harms, but from the time of this bad accident the cat has recovered greatly and has united with her new forever family.

The four years old cat Trudie was hit by a bus in Luton, Bedfordshire, in the UK. Eyewitneses  saw the terrble  accident and tried to help but Trudie was in a terrible state and ran away. At that time volunteers at the Southridge Animal Centre in Hertfordshire knew what occured to the  poor cat, they  thought about the  hopeless suffering animal being outside.

So they started spreading the  leaflets and through social media, and they tried to find the suffering and lost cat.
After 16 days  the cat was found and  given special treatment. The cat was badly injured and he could not eat and was hungry all day. About two weeks it was hungry and thirsty. After two weeks it was fed through the tube.

The vets removed  her damaged eye  and  smashed jaw back together. This is a real miracle that she lived after with these terrible  injuries especially as she could not even eat. This cat is  a real struggler.

After giving her the name Trudie, the people who looked after the cat watched the  cat recover for the next six months before looking for a new home.

Months after she was hit by the bus, the volunteers were able to find a new family for Trudie. The cat is now living with  Dennis Hooper and Shirley Carter, who say that Trudie has become one of the inseperable members of their family.

The family members say that  they love pets, especially cats and they wanted to show only love and care to this suffering animal. After a week Trudie got used to the family. He showed that he is a complete cute and sweet creature. He has everything of his own his own facilities for living.  She is really recovering step by step.

Dennis and Shirley continue to watch her being cured from the terrible bus accident. This cat is a real fighter and deserves to live happily in her new family.


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