PHOTOS.The confused hawk really is not able to realize why this “duck” does not get frightened of him


Hawk Just Can’t Understand Why This ‘Duck’ Isn’t Afraid Of Him

The angry hawk is not able to see how the duck does not get frightened of him. He is shocked and never awaited that his place as top predator would ever be a question.

Once, the hawk was looking for food when he noticed something that he was not able to stand.

The scene is not unbelievable thr duck just sat quietly having a rest on the grass. It seemed that the duck was not awarr of the starving hawk.

What the hawk could not immediately understand, was that he considered that the duck was just false, not genuine,  tempt and it would be difficult to frighten or terrify.

The overall bewildered and disoriented hawk made an effort  for some tight minutes to gain control over the duck and struggle imperturbable duck.

Occasionaly the big and tough hawk would just stand and investigate and follow wheter the duck was really non-fictional.


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