A poor dog seemed to be on the edge of death thrown away in the box outdoors. Fortunately, it was rescued by a kind-hearted and attentive woman’s imediate actions


Meghan Lynch is an member of workforce in a profitless company in New Jersey. The organization is called  Associated Humane Society. Early in the morning Meghan Lynch noticed a box outdoors of Associated Humane Society.

The weather was very nice. The sun shone brightly. Meghan Lynch considered that the box was uncommon and non standard. When she looked at the box attentively she saw a weak dog that hardly breathed and the was also unable to move. She considered  that this weak and poor  dog was thrown away  by her owner after the dog passed away.

Astonishingly, the moment Meghan Lynch made a decision to take hold of the dog in the equipment, the dog began to breath quietly.

Surprisingly, when she decided to take the dog inside the facility, the dog started to breath. It turned out that the dog was not dead. There was a note near the dog. There was written that  the dog was found the time of cleaning, and put their as there was not anything that he knew what what to do with it.

Gratefully, she took the dog which was 10 years old. She brought the dog to the vet. The dog was cured and day by day the healrh state improved. They gave a name to the dog. The name was Halle. After some time it will recover completely.

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