The orphan and tiny dog is very sad and heartbroken as his owners had to sell the cow who became a mother for him


Animals spread love and care and frequently shock us with their uncomparable and unconditional love. Many people do not notice this love.In this story a tiny dog surprises us and makes us cry. This story is very emotional. The hero of the story is a daog named Rookie. Rookie is a tiny friendly dog that has an uncommon partner.

The residence of the dog is a farm.All his friends are the animals living in the farm.
The puppy was orphan and had to live without his mother from the time he was born.

Fortunately, he had a very unique and unusual partner. It was the cow who was just a mother for this orphan dog in the farm.

The farm owners are very kind and animal loving people but unfortunately the farmer owners were in bad economic state and they made a very difficult decision to sell the favourite cow of the dog. Knowing about this the cow was stressed and started to cry very loudly. The dog felt the pain of losing the puppy.

The Rookie owners were also very sad and broken-hearted. But there was nothing that they could do just they had to sell the cow.The dog did not want to eat anything and did not want and refused to make up new partners.

After this selling of the cow the dog did something very strange. The dog escaed from the farm to find the sold mother cow. When the dog saw the cow, he showed his happiness and joy. He ran towards the cow. The dog jumped in a crazy way. He just moved his tail.

This meeting between the dog and the cow shows their tight friendship. The two could not live without each other.  The owners of the farm were not able to see the cow and dog suffering so they made a decision to buy the cow and return the cow to the dog. This time the dog shows his happiness by means of tears.

Please share this heart touching and shivering  story between a dog and a mother cow with your family and friends. This is a true example of devotion and true friendship.

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