Video. An enormous dog was left alone outdoors, finally he feels love and care after overcoming many difficulties


This story is about a dog which weights 50 pounds. His name is Arbuckle or just called Fatty Arbuckle. His weigh is too much. He was seen in the yard nearby a farm.

The owners of this Fatty Arbuckle just left him abondened in the yard as they moved to a new house to live in.

Gratefully, an organization called A Purposeful Rescue noticed the dog and rescued him in Los Angeles. This organization does not have any profit.

When the members of rescue team came the plqce where the dog was lying. The rescuers were surprised seeing the enormous dog.

The dog was very big and could hardly move or walk, as his small joints could not maintain his ovedweight.  Fatty Arbuckle was taken to the veterinarian  and he was examined. It turned out he was having problem with and dealing with hypothyroidism.

Many vets and specialized people cured the enormous and overweight dog and even made a  video of the dog’s curing process. The video was downloaded  in Instagram, the dog has 100,000 followers.

One of the fans of the dog an actress Jane Lynch and her friend fell in love with the dog and made a decision to take the dogand give the dog a forever home. The dog is very safe and sound now. He has a family that gives love and care to him which he juat had not seen for a long period of time.

Arbuckle has become a popular person for his influence on people and a motivation to lose weight very quickly. Unfortunately, the dog Fatty Arbuckle passed away when he was nine years old.

After the dying of the dog, the animal shelter got  $5000 in donations during one night, all from people who encouraged and motivated him and wanted to commemorate his  stimulating and interesting life. God rest his soul.

Here is the video of Fatty Arbuckle his stimulating and hazardous life and how happy he became after being adopted:

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