A firefighter who rescued the dog twice made a decison to adopt the dog


Once firefighters had call of flat fire in Des Moines, Iowa. The firefighters did not know that they will see a dog shut in Firefighter Malcolm Cortner. The person who made an effort to save the dog made a decision to adopt the dog and give all medical payments.

The former owner of the dog approved of that Malcolm was allowded to adopt thr dog and was taken to a new friendly and lovely forever home.

The dog would recover and be cured in a proper way from his unpleasant experience and nightmare.

The dog which was rescued is named George. He is safe and sound in his forever home.

As to City of Des Moines Facebook page Mastiff which was 16 month old was shut in fire. Firefighters saved him and gave oxygen.

The time Animal Control came and examined the dog’s harms. Animal Control said that the curing would not be cheap, with the another choice to put to sleep the dog.

The owner decided to put the dog on the ground, but a firefighter intervened. Malcolm was a hero as he saved this dog’s life two times. Thanks to this man the dog was rescued. Share this story with your friends and family.

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