The kind hearted woman named Danielle Eden decided to adopt all the dogs in the shelter and look after them


A woman named Danielle Eden was a originator of animal shelter in Ontario. She spent all his life rescueing and keeping many dogs from shelters.

Once the woman came to an animal shelter in Israel. She was surprised to notice how awful they looked after the animals in the shelter.

The room was too tiny and the puppies must struggle to eat food. They did not feed them properly that is why they looked weak and malnourished.

The woman had been to different animal shelters, but the one in Israel which she visited had the worst conditions.

This shelter was really the worst of many shelters. The dogs just struggled for a bit food to get.

She was sorry for these poor animals, that is why she decided to adopt the animal shelter and to look for a forever home for these sweet dogs.

So she brought all 250 puppies. About two months 90 of the pupies were taken from Israel to animal shelters where they will be looked after carefully.

Other 25 dogs were taken to a sanctuary in Ontario. Many of puppies are adopted and have their adoreable forever homes.

The 150 dogs are yet in the animal shelter. They improved the existing state in an animal shelter. Nowadays the conditions are more convinent for the animals. When they can take the animals, they are going to move them to Ontario sanctuary.

It’s so wonderful and appreciated  that there are kind and just people in the  surrounding  world, who make efforts for the unsheltered animals, as well as the improvment of the living conditions of these animals.

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