A sweet dog which lives in a shelter shows his hand as a sign of greeting with those people who pass near his cage


A dog named Speck lives in  the Bullock County Humane Society in Alabama. If a person passes by the dog  the dog never forgets to say  “Hi” to passerbies. It can seem as a simple dog, but he intracts with people because he is very sociable.

This dog likes to shake hands by just holding his hand and it just adores to say Hi to everybody who visits this dog shelter. As soon as a person comes near to his cage, he puts his face out from the bars of the cage and shows his paw as he wants to make up friends with people or just hold their hands.


The animal shelter’s manager says he just needs the attention and love of people and when sometimes people do not notice his saying Hi the dog gets upset or neglected.

The dog has lived in this animal shelter from 2018. He used to be a roaming dog in the streets before being brought to this shelter. He reqlly had a very difficult life in the streets.Although he overcame all the difficulties and rudeness, he is very sweet and cute dog now.

The dog just likes that people approqching him toched him, held his paw. He just wanted to feel warmth of people and just caring. Speck is really loving and sweet dog. Luckily he will be adopted soon and have a forever home in New York. The people who adopt the dog just saw his video and adore th dog since then.


The dog is waiting to see his owner Mike. We just hope that many dogs beside Speck will be adopted from this shelter. People will donate food to these dogs. The dog Speck will make people to be kind and generous towards unsheltered dogs.

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