A tiny kitten was saved from severe cold outdoors, the kitty just adores hugs and kisses


A woman named Tiffany was  a field officer of Michigan Humane  She was driving her car as she noticed a tiny grey cat shivering from severe cold nearby the boulevard strip.  She came nearer and noticed a cat sitting in an orange carrier bag in the cold  snow and mud.



Tiffany put a stop to her car and took the trembling cat. After taking the cat Tiffany placed the tiny kitten in the car, she rapidely cuddled her to get warmth. Although the highway was full of cars and always hazardous the cat could only stay alive in an extraordinary and supernatural way.

Michigan Humane media director said that except that the dog was shivering from cold but survived in a good form. The cat was too thrilled to get warmth and get many pets. The cat started making sounds after being saved in  a short period and has not ceased.


A cat which was 4 months old. She had short hair. He is named Lodge. He has big, meaningful eyes that is loved by everybody at the Detroit shelter. As the cat understands that was safe amd sound, he started to give off light and beam.

The cat adores when he is taken into hands and is hugged. Lodge is very lively and playful full of energy. She likes to be loved and be cared of.

Now the animal shelter is searching for a forever home for the cute kitten. This cute kitten is so adoreable and social that whatever home it goes it will give an inspirational spirit to the house.

His new family will get a lot of cuddles, hugs and kisses. We hope soon the cat will have a loving family and he would be adopted very soon.

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