A cute baby elephant with pink skin is saved being trapped in a long piece of wire for a few days and fortunately she has been cured in a magic way


Baby elephants are smart and so sweet looking. A baby albino elephant was saved after 4 days being trapped and was cured in a magic way. The baby elephants are also very sociable to people and connected with them with special bond.

Unfortunately there are still rude people who act cruel to elephants trying to hunt them.

In this story an albino baby elephant whose name is Khanysia was seen in a trap in South America. Volunteers found the weak and hopeless baby albino elephant  and brought her to the vet so that she will be cured there.

The weak albino elephant had serious injures and was suffering badly for already 4 days. She needed special treatment  as her harms were very deep.

There were wounds on all her ears, face and mouth. People acted very rudely to the cute creature. She seemed so kind, gentle and without any guilt.

Fortunately, kind and generous people were able to rescue the baby elephant and nowdays she is safe and sound. She was very brave to overcome obstacles.

The tiny baby elephant is very playful and safe and sound. The elephant has a smile on her face and she is very cheerful. It is so empowering to see her happy smile after all the difficulties she had overcome. She has a unique and sweet appearance. She is worth loving and caring. The most special thing about this elephant is its pink  colour of the skin. It is a rare thing that happens to elephants.

Elephants need love and care of human beings. Share this story to spread love and care to our frienda and family. Animals need not only food but also love and friendship of humans.

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