A pit bull which was used as a fighting dog, unfortunately now it has lost his ears. Despite all the difficulties he still continues to smile


A good and kind-hearted man found a dog badly hurt in South Carolina, nearby New York. York County Animal Control brought the Pit Bull Terrier in to be cured stung hurts hurms on his neck, head and body.

The puppy was operated because he was in need of skingrafting on his ears. The ears were badly injured. Gratefully, they discovered that the dog pit bull has a sense of listening. Thr surgery went on very fortunate and lucky. The dog was given medications for his horrible hurms.

The veterinarian thought that the dog was a means of struggling and fighting dog, frequently put to use, attacked and disfigured. The dog named Scooter was still living in a safe house till he is cured wholly. He has a forever home now and a friendly and caring family. The dog is so lucky now.

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