Fortunate unsheltered and roaming tiny kitten has a second opportunity after a car hit him badly


An unsheltered cat named Davey was seen by a good doing person on a regionl highway in Florida. The small cat was badly injured and was lying on the way after a car crash.

His state was miserable, but gratefully, the samaritan rescued the kitten and immediately rang up to the local rescue Caring Fields Felines to aid the tiny kitten.

The team of rescue acted very rapidely and quickly brought the kitten to the vet in order to examine him and cure him. The vet even did an X-ray to see the deepness of injures.

The weak and miserable cat has badly suffered from the car crash. Her neck was damaged and that is wby a complete body cast was placed in him for 10 weeks.

At first sight the kitten looked in a good health the veterinarians at the animal hospital began to take care of tbe tiny kitten. Her health state is getting better nl matter that 6 weeks past from the day they placed a totally body cast.

He will have the cast on nearly 3 or 4 weeks. After that he begins a course of physical therapy.The small kitten is even called purrito as he so lovely covered by a kitty burrito.

He is so sweet and cute that everybody wishes to stay with this small kitty all night, so the veterinarians allowed the tiny kitten go home with one of their workers- a veterinary technician’s dog named Oakley.
He just adores the tiny kitten and made up friends together.

As soon as he gets fit and in a good health state, he will be put for an adoption kitten. Nowdays he has more pals and step by step he will have a caring and friendly family that he is worth having.

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