A heart touching time a devoted and grateful dog takes a nap on the tomb of his owner the whole time and refuses to leave his side


This is a serious and distressing time a dog was taking a nap on the burial place of his dearest and adored owner who suffered seriously from health problem. Unfortunately he died leaving the dog all alone and abandoned.

The sincery and touching moment was shot exposuring the sorrowful dog taking a nap calmly and resting on the bunches of flower and funeral decorations remained there by relatives, close friends and close ones.

Seemingly, the dog kept the funeral manager company at the time of burial proccession in Portugal and did not leave his owner’s side all the time.

This photo of the sad and miserable puppy made many people who saw the photo be touched by this photo.

This is a true example of love and devotion of dogs towards their owner.

What a heart touching story. Share the story with your friends and family members.

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