An old dog was abondened by his owner and was seen roaming outdoors and asking for food


A dog named Ray is a breed of labrador retriever. He is 8 years old dog. The labrador retriever was seen roaming abondened in the terrace of California, from the time his owners got ride of him. The eyes of the dog were sorrowful and irritable. He was starving of hunger. He looked thin his body was thin and his coat fur was absent.

It is catastrophic and destructive for a dog to be left by his owners. The owners may reject and do not want to look after old, weak and ill dog, but they can not understand how much suffer it will lead to the dog one day left by his family.

Luckily, Ray was saved and noticed by workers at the Carson Asylum in California. The shelter members did everything possible for the Ray’s recovery, but unfortunayely he still continued to be unhappy.

She was very immediately brought to be adopted. It feels like very few people want to adopt old dogs. But fortunately he was adopted and he loves human beings very sincerely. We just hoe he will get the love and care he deserves.

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