This cute dog was left alone by his owner because the dog became amputee after a terrible car accident


The dog named Willow was taken to Sidewalk Specials from De Doorns for recovery and curing. The veterinarins did all the things possible and made an effort to save and cure her leg. Unfortunately all their efforts went completely failed and  was without success.

Weak and poor dog Willow had to overcome distressing aspect of having her leg cut off and removed.

Unfortunately her family left him alone after knowing of the fact that the dog has a amputated leg and the vets were not able to rescue her leg.

The dog was really suffering from the thought of being left all alone on three legs and the worst thought of being left abandoned.

The dog felt destroyed and traumatized, but fortunately she was brought and adopted by a caring and lovely family.

The lovely dog which is six months old feels well and gets on well with the new family members and also dogs and even cats. She is a true combination to this family.

Here is the video:

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