Video: A dog was left alone in the travelling bag, but it still went on struggling


One day , a man named Graham noticed a timeworn travelling bag put in the  woody plants in the wayside but did not consider to come to it.

When he stepped away he immediately heard a very tiny moan. The travelling bag moved it seemed that something was in the suitcase.

Graham immediately rang the police and took the travelling bag home. Graham just realized what was going on. The suitcase was locked with two locks very deeply, Graham made an effort to open one lock.


It was rather difficult. As soon as the policemen reached they tried different tools, they just cut off the lock and as they opened there was a tiny puppy there. He said that how could  a person treat a dog in such rude way.

The dog looked very tired  and powerless. Thanks to the rescue members the dog is saved. The dog was taken to a veterinarian very quickly. The dog was starving from hunger and thirst. The dog was very slim.

This puppy overcame difficulties and due to the team of rescuers he is now rescued. These rescuers are true angels. The dog was given a name Kei, he had to be both cured and also trust people because he had been thrown away by  his owner in the suitcase.

The dog needs to be physically and mentally cured and he also needs support if adopted by a loving family. He had a terrible time that is why he need to be looked after carefully.

Now Kei is playful, smart and lovely dog. One of the rescuers reports news about the cute dog. The story of this  dog who had a mysterious past survived.  Many people from various countries wanted to adopt the dog Kei. At last he is adopted and has a healthier and more cheerful life.

Here is the video of the puppy:

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