PHOTOS. The visionless pit bull was able to change the life of a lonely kitten by his positive and strong behaviour


A pit bull named Jude was visionless and was taken by a lovely family when the owners wanted him the most and the support of this dog in comforting the family kitten. This visionless dog transfered the kitten’s life to the better.

These dogs and cats having impairment inform us that although they overcame difficulties they still continue to be cheerful, playful and independent as in the case of this visionless pit bull. Even the owner Nicole Kogan who took the pit bull was surpirsed by the dog’s positive behaviour.

The puppy behaved as a simple dog he did not even care about his health problem.
The dog is in a good relationship with other animals in the house. He is very concious and careful even he does not bump into the wall. He concentrates at home very easily.

Jude enjoys spending the time with everybody, with any kind of pet. The pit bull is very liveliness. The pit bull likes to be washed with hot water and after that he likes to be dried completely. The pit bull is a unique puppy.

The pit bull Jude came on time to suppprt his foster family to overcome the absence of the lovely animal Dexter. Dexter passed away because of many illnesses.

It was difficult for the family to cope with the loss. Oscar helps and behaves as if he does not know that the puppy is visionless and helps the dog in everyday activities.

The pit bull is an inspiration in the family and has chenged the enviroment in the house. He is taken care with much love. He is a very important member in the family.

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