Video. A dog in despair was finally rescued after accidently falling in the hole


An unsheltered puppy passed all the night in a water pipe in an vacant circle after he appeared there. A phone rang came to  Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac about the puppy.


When the rescue team came to the good doing people manifested where the dog was situated. The manhole was among two houses in the meadow. The tiny white and black puppy looked all alone and frightened.

The Serbian one of the rescuers said that puppy is so cute and lovely.  The puppy was having a collar  in a colour of red. The neighborhood does not know her.

Now the dog is named Chupka. The dog was taken to the animal shelter. The puply made up friends with one of the cats in the shelter. Unluckily the former owner of the dog was not found. Nowdays the puppy has a adoreable family. He is loved and taken care carefully.

Here is the video of a hopeless puppy:

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